A very technical and emotional journey to Mars

GIVE: How do you point a gun at your back?

LG: Well, like I mentioned Gilad, if you would listen …

GIVE: Sorry what?

LG: I don’t use it on my back, I use it on my IT bracelet. So I mainly use it on my legs.

GIVE: OKAY. I was listening, and I didn’t know what a computer group was.

WITH: I thought these were the people you turned to for help if your email isn’t working. I really understand … And they’re playing music on the …

GIVE: And they respond in song.

WITH: [Laughing] Thanks, Gilad.

LG: Law. Most journalism companies have actually gotten rid of IT departments, leaving us all to ourselves, literally, to figure the shit out. So no, that’s not it. It’s the IT band going up and down your leg and like, yes, it’s painful to massage it, but it can get really tight. And then, it’s also once it’s really tight, it’s painful to train with a tight computer group. And so the massage gun really helps a bit with that.

WITH: It is true though that using it on the back or on parts that you cannot reach would be difficult because of course guns don’t massage people, people massage people.

LG: Right, right. You can do this on your lats, but you never fully relax. But yes.

WITH: I keep thinking that it would be nice to massage someone else from a distance. Like you can get a sniper massage gun.

LG: Yeah. Adam have you heard of this thing? It’s called Covid-19, not sure if you know it, but it’s probably not a good idea in some situations to let someone get close to you at this point, otherwise we might get closer. be.

WITH: But that’s what I’m saying! Like a remote control, like a remote control on a very long tripod with a long arm 10 feet away for a massage at 300 meters.

GIVE: Yeah, I can imagine that, I’m with you.

LG: Okay. Let’s put NASA on it. This must be their next assignment. Instead of a giant mace with a laser blaster, we need a frickin massage gun on a robot arm. OK, it went off the rails and I’m happy for it. Many thanks to Adam and Gilad for joining us on this episode. And Adam tells people where they can buy your new book.

WITH: Well, the book is Full Spectrum: How Color Science Made Us Modern. It comes out on May 18. It will be on all the electronic places that sell Amazonian books. So from bookstores to independent bookstores, who you want to keep in business for when we can all leave our homes and go browsing again. And I promised to put more links in places like Twitter, where I am @jetjocko.

MC: And if you send Adam an e-mail, he will send one to you.

WITH: [laughing] Damn Gilad!

LG: Yeah, email Adam directly, he loves it. And Gilad, where can people get a selection of your fine cheeses?

GIVE: I’m glad you asked this question. I just decided while you were asking this question, I’m going to make my own cheese subscription service. So it’s called Mongo.r, like MONG-dot-R. And you sign up, you give them your credit card information. And then I just sent you a cheese.

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