Two dead reported, many injured as Burmese police shoot protesters | Myanmar News


Police opened fire on protesters in Yangon and Dawei, killing at least two people and injuring dozens more, local media reported.

Myanmar police quickly ended protests against the military regime on Sunday, firing live ammunition into the air and hurling stun grenades and tear gas canisters at protesters in the main city of Yangon and the southern city of Dawei.

Two protesters were killed in the crackdown, local media reported.

Myanmar Now media group posted a video of an injured man lying in the street near the Hledan Center intersection in Yangon, and said he was “shot in the chest by what appeared to be bullets. real ”.

A man who witnessed the shooting told Frontier Magazine that police fired live ammunition at protesters sheltering at a bus station and that “one person died and others were injured.”

In southern Dawei, media outlet Dawei Watch said police shot and killed a second protester and injured dozens more.

Kyaw Min Htike, a politician, confirmed the murder to Reuters news agency.

Sunday’s police action came after state television reported Myanmar’s envoy to the United Nations was sacked for betraying the country after urging the United Nations to use “all means necessary To reverse the February 1 coup that ousted elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

The army’s seizure of power and its detention of the country’s civilian rulers has plunged Myanmar into further chaos, barely a decade after the end of nearly 50 years of strict military rule. For three weeks now, huge crowds have taken to the streets of towns and villages in Myanmar, calling for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and the reestablishment of civilian rule.

As the popular uprising gains momentum, the security forces have become more aggressive in the use of force.

Violence in Yangon erupted early Sunday morning when medical students marched through the streets of Yangon near the Hledan Center intersection.

Images showed protesters fleeing the accusing police, and locals setting up makeshift roadblocks to slow their advance. Nearby, residents begged the police to release those they had picked up from the street and pushed into police trucks to be taken away.

Police also opened fire and threw stun grenades at protesting teachers in Yanking District.

Hayman May Hninsi, who was with a group of fellow teachers in Yangon, said that “the police got out of their car and started throwing stun grenades without warning.”

“Some teachers were injured while running. We assess the situation and whether we should go out or not. “

Myanmar Now said a female teacher at a public school was shot and wounded and her condition was unclear.

In another part of town, footage showed doctors and students from a white lab fleeing as police threw stun grenades outside a medical school.

Despite the crackdown, hundreds of protesters remain in the streets of Yangon, many of them erecting makeshift barricades and wearing shields for protection.

Young activist Esther Ze Naw told Reuters people are struggling to overcome the fear they have lived with for so long.

“This fear will only grow if we continue to live with it and the people who create the fear know that. It is obvious that they are trying to instill fear in us by making us run and hide, ”she said.

“We cannot accept this.”

Police in Mandalay Second City also fired guns into the air, trapping protesting medical personnel at a city hospital, a doctor told Reuters by phone.

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