EA delays next Need for Speed ​​to focus on Battlefield

Although EA has previously said it will release the next Need of speed and Battlefield games by March 2022, that won’t quite be the case. The publisher is delaying the next Need for Speed ​​by a year because its developer, Criterion Games, is temporarily helping EA DICE in Battlefield.

The title of the next Battlefield game has not been revealed, but it will arrive in the fall, said Laura Miele, head of EA Studios. Polygon. Following the publisher’s publication Codemasters purchase, EA already has a racing game coming this year, the next entry in the F1 series. Along with the shift to working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this made the decision logical. Criterion has previously collaborated with DICE on the Star Wars Battlefront series and the battle royale mode in Battlefield 5.

Criterion resumed development on Need for Speed ​​in 2020 after three lukewarm registrations from Ghost Games. He has worked on the series before, and he remastered Need for Speed ​​pursuit Last year. Once the studio finishes working on Battlefield, it will return to the Need for Speed ​​game, which is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as other platforms.

While Miele has yet to reveal any further details on the upcoming Battlefront, she has said it will be “a love letter to our fans.” She noted that EA devotes “all the resources we have to this.”

Criterion’s temporary reassignment comes in the midst of a broader restructuring A tea. Last week, the editor canceled the redesign of Anthem and he would have interrupted work on a game called Gaia after six years of development. The editor too abandoned his plan to have multiplayer elements in the upcoming Dragon Age game, according to a report.

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