Gab data breach may include 70 GB of data on 15,000 users

Right-wing social media network Given appears to have suffered a major data breach. According to Wired, a self-proclaimed hacktivist who goes by the pseudonym “JaXpArO” obtained more than 70 GB of data on the users of the platform thanks to an SQL injection vulnerability. The dataset includes approximately 40 million posts from over 15,000 Gab users, including accounts linked to the representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, My CEO Mike Lindell Pillow and Alex jones. JaXpArO shared the treasure with Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets), a WikiLeaks-type advocacy group that plans to selectively share the database with journalists and researchers.

“This is another gold mine of research for people interested in militias, neo-Nazis, far right, QAnon and all that surrounds January 6,” said Emma Best. , co-founder of DDoSecrets. Wired. “It contains pretty much everything about Gab, including user data and private posts, everything someone needs to run a near-complete analysis of Gab’s users and content.”

When reports of the hack started circulating online, Gab published a blog post Friday, denying having suffered a data breach. “We currently do not have independent confirmation that such a breach did take place and we are investigating,” the company said at the time. “If the alleged violation took place as described, your passwords have not been revealed.”

Sunday night, however, CEO Andrew Torba mentionned “Mentally ill” hackers attacked Gab. He went to claim that his account and that of Donald Trump were among those that had been compromised in the hack. Although there is a “realdonaldtrump” account on Gab, like The edge points out that this does not appear to be in fact associated with the former president. DDoSecrets says Wired it did not attempt to crack any of the hashed passwords included in the database, nor did it attempt to test the passwords in the clear.

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