Colombian military operation kills 10 FARC dissidents | FARC news

The Colombian army bombs a base housing dissidents of the former rebel group FARC in Calamar, southeastern Colombia.

Bombings by the Colombian army left 10 dead and three wounded at a base used by dissidents of the former FARC armed group in southeastern Colombia, according to the minister.

Defense Minister Diego Molano said on Twitter on Tuesday that the military action had “neutralized” 13 FARC dissidents under the command of a man nicknamed “Gentil Duarte”. He did not say when the assault took place.

A source told AFP news agency that 10 dead and 3 injured.

The dissidents had moved away from Colombia’s 2016 peace pact, which ended a half-century civil war and saw the then FARC disarm the following year.

The bombing took place in the municipal area of ​​Calamar, in the jungle of southeastern Colombia, where former FARC dissidents still operate.

“These narco-criminals are responsible for the recruitment of minors, attacks on our public forces, kidnappings and illegal mining,” Molano said.

He added that the government “will not rest” until it finds Duarte, one of Colombia’s most wanted rebel commanders.

Last Friday, the country launched an elite force of 7,000 men to fight rebels funded by drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

He said the force would pursue members of the ELN – the last active rebel group in Colombia – as well as drug gangs and ex-FARC rebels who abandoned the conditions of peace.

In December, the UN said the Colombian government had killed 244 former FARC combatants since the signing of the peace accords.

Colombia continues to grapple with a multi-faceted armed conflict involving leftist fighters, drug traffickers and right-wing paramilitaries competing for control of the lucrative cocaine industries and illegal mineral extraction.

In February, President Ivan Duque accused Venezuela of “protecting” the remaining rebel fighters.

His counterpart Nicolas Maduro replied that his country “would react with force” if the new Colombian elite force or Duque “dared to violate the sovereignty of Venezuela”.

More than nine million people have died, disappeared or been displaced by fighting against rebel forces in Colombia since the 1960s.

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