Facebook will resume accepting political ads on March 4

Facebook will lift its ban on political ads, including those touching on social issues, on March 4, the company . The social media giant put the policy in place after the polls for the 2020 presidential election closed on the night of November 3. At the time, Facebook said it had implemented the ban to avoid misinformation and “confusion.” When former President Donald Trump refused to concede the election and the Jan.6 riot on Capitol Hill erupted, the company extended the ban – though it did offer temporary leeway for the second round of Georgia.

Today, almost exactly five months after its inception, that ban ends, with Facebook planning to start accepting new ads. . Google, who , followed a similar trajectory. For its part, Facebook seems open to the idea of ​​reviewing its policies in this area, noting that it will take time over the next few months to review how they work and decide whether further changes are warranted.

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