MiHigh infrared sauna blanket review: hot, humid and weird

There is no sauna without a sweat. This is the whole point. But in a normal sauna, your sweat disperses into the surrounding atmosphere. In a sauna blanket, the mood is yours. Waterproof materials block everything out by design, lest you end up getting the bed wet, so to speak. After an hour inside the sauna blanket, I was toasting in my juice. To say I went out wet is a wild understatement. I was completely, completely drenched. My clothes stuck to my sticky skin. When I staggered into the other room to relate my experience to my partner, she reacted as if someone was trying to drown me.

After wringing out my underwear, I had to clean the blanket itself. To do this, you open the velcro flaps and open the cover. Sweat collects in small puddles that run through the hydrophobic interior when you try to wipe them off. Even after you’ve absorbed all you can, another problem persists – the edges of the fabric that run all around the blanket tend to pick up moisture as well. Since my head is coming out of the blanket, when I’m done, the outer area of ​​the sauna blanket that remains in contact with my neck and shoulders looks like a rope that has been soaked in the tub. It eventually dries up, but only after letting it sit on the bed for an hour and wait for the moisture to turn cold and slowly evaporate.

Look, I get it. Your glands may vary. And complaining about the sweat in a sauna is like being crazy that the curry you ordered “Spicy Thai” is too hot. I’m about to go to the comments section at the bottom of this review and type in “That’s the point, idiot!” myself. But the whole time I was there sweaty, the hot plastic sides were pressed against my body from all angles. I couldn’t ignore my discomfort. If I needed to adjust my position, any movement felt tight but slippery. I’m not easily claustrophobic, but steaming into a slimy foam while being constrained by almost 20 pounds of plastic, wet cloth, and electric heaters isn’t pleasant. I had hoped that leaving a session would be more invigorating and less emerging from the cave in Lowering.

While your curiosity about what it feels like to spend an hour lying in an electrified zipper bag will surely guide your buying decision, your wallet will also be a determining factor here. MiHigh’s sauna blanket costs $ 500, although it’s often on sale for a little less. Still, it’s about the middle of the price range for these things, so I guess that means it’s a fair value. I wouldn’t pay, because for me $ 500 would mean choosing between that and the food. And the experience of using the MiHigh certainly didn’t make the command to stay at home in my town any less agonizing.

For people with joint pain or blood pressure issues that a sauna can help relieve, it could provide a way to alleviate some of that discomfort without having to risk going to a public facility during a pandemic. But if you’re looking to ‘detoxify’ or just relax a bit, well, maybe go take a long bath instead. You will likely stay drier this way.

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