China Urges US to Reverse “Dangerous Practice” in Taiwan | China News

China’s top diplomat calls on Washington to collaborate with Beijing and remove “unreasonable” brakes on cooperation.

The Chinese Foreign Minister has called on the administration of US President Joe Biden to quash former President Donald Trump’s “dangerous practice” of showing support for Taiwan, the island democracy claimed by Beijing as its own territory.

Taiwan’s claim, which separated from the mainland in 1949, is an “insurmountable red line,” Wang Yi said Sunday at a press conference at the annual meeting of China’s ceremonial legislature.

The United States does not have official relations with Taiwan, but extensive informal ties. Trump angered Beijing by sending Cabinet officials to visit Taiwan to show his support.

“The Chinese government has no room for compromise,” Wang said.

“We urge the new US administration to fully understand the great sensitivity of the Taiwan issue” and “to completely change the dangerous practices of the previous administration of” crossing the line “and” playing with fire “,” a- he declared.

Washington’s position

Biden says he wants a more civil relationship with Beijing but has shown no signs of easing Trump’s confrontational measures on trade, technology and human rights.

Surveys show that the attitudes of the American public are becoming more negative towards China, seen as an economic and strategic competitor.

Wang gave no indication of how Beijing might react if Biden doesn’t change course, but the ruling Communist Party has threatened to invade if Taiwan declares formal independence or delays union negotiations with the mainland. .

Wang’s comments at an extensive two-hour press conference reflected Beijing’s growing assertion abroad and dismissal of criticism of Hong Kong, the northwestern region of Xinjiang and other sensitive topics.

He also urged the United States to remove “unreasonable” brakes on cooperation as soon as possible and to work together on issues such as climate change, while accusing Washington of bringing chaos in the name of the spread of the disease. democracy.

“The United States should realize this as soon as possible, otherwise the world will continue to experience instability,” Wang said.

Wang added that the differences between China and the United States should be managed carefully and both sides should advocate healthy competition, not zero-sum denunciations.

“It is hoped that the United States and China will meet halfway and lift the various unreasonable restrictions on Sino-American cooperation to date as soon as possible, and do not artificially create new obstacles.”

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