Egypt jails suspected pedophile caught by CCTV after online rage | Children’s rights news

Egyptian police arrest a man who was filmed assaulting a young girl as the video catches fire on social media.

Egyptian police have arrested a man who was allegedly caught by a surveillance camera assaulting a young girl in widely shared footage that sparked public outrage.

It is not known exactly when the video was recorded, but it went viral on social media Monday evening with many users calling for the author’s immediate arrest. It showed a man abusing a child near the stairs of a residential building in the upscale Maadi district of Cairo, the capital.

He was confronted by a woman who opened the door to his apartment, an interruption that allowed the girl to escape, according to images. The woman then pointed to a surveillance camera recording the incident.

“Security agencies were able to detain the person in question … to determine the circumstances of the incident that spread to the social networking site Facebook showing a person sexually assaulting a girl,” a statement from Tuesday said. Ministry of the Interior.

The arrested man was returned to the prosecutor, he added.

According to media reports, a team of investigators interviewed the woman who appeared in the video. She said the seven-year-old victim worked alongside her mother selling boxes of tissues on the streets of the affluent neighborhood.

Al-Azhar, the world’s largest authority on Sunni Islam and based in Egypt, on Tuesday denounced pedophilia in a tweet as “an aggressive crime that goes against any religion or humanity and must be prosecuted throughout the world. measure of the law ”.

Twitter users in Egypt and the region have expressed shock and dismay at the incident. Some called for stricter laws regarding all forms of harassment, while others praised the woman who confronted the abuser.

According to the Egyptian penal code, the maximum penalty for sexually assaulting a child under the age of 18 is seven years in prison.

The Egyptian #MeToo movement has been gaining momentum since last year, with many women coming forward to share testimonials of sexual misconduct.

United Nations surveys indicate that most women in the conservative country have experienced harassment ranging from hissing to cats, pinching, groping and rape.

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