Former Bolivian President Jeanine Anez arrested | Evo Morales news

A conservative politician has faced an arrest warrant on charges of terrorism, sedition and plotting an alleged coup.

Bolivia’s former interim president Jeanine Anez was arrested following the 2019 political crisis in which she replaced her predecessor Evo Morales.

The conservative politician had faced an arrest warrant for terrorism, sedition and conspiracy for an alleged coup after replacing Morales in November 2019 when he fled the country during widespread protests against his re-election.

“I inform the Bolivian people that Ms. Jeanine Anez has already been apprehended and that she is currently in the hands of the police,” the government minister, Carlos Eduardo del Castillo, wrote on Twitter and Facebook on Saturday.

Castillo praised the police for their “excellent job” in the “historic task of bringing justice” to the Bolivian people.

Anez tweeted an arrest order which she said was issued by the procuratorate, with the response: “The political persecution has started.”

She later tweeted condemning the arrest warrant.

The prosecutor’s office had not publicly announced the warrant. But Bolivian TV broadcast footage of a heavy police presence around his home in the northern city of Trinidad, as well as former Energy Minister Rodrigo Guzman and his justice counterpart Alvaro Coimbra, all two listed on the arrest warrant, under arrest.

Morales is back

Morales returned from exile in November last year and took over the leadership of the ruling Movement for Socialism (MAS) party he founded.

Last month, the socialist-dominated Bolivian Congress voted for amnesty for those prosecuted during a year under Conservative President Anez’s government for acts of violence during the chaos following Morales’ resignation.

Anez, a former lawyer, is a longtime critic of leftist Morales.

She had sought to present herself as the only person capable of pulling the country out of the post-Morales crisis.

Even as she vowed to “pacify the country”, Morales at the time called her a “guilty right-wing senator”.

He said that Anez had “declared herself … interim president without legislative quorum, surrounded by a group of accomplices.”

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