Clubhouse tackles privacy concerns with walk-in audio chats

Flag makes changes that will answer some common complaints about his walk-in audio chats, and he hopes to give the creators a helping hand in the process. As The edge reports, Clubhouse goes not anymore you need access to your phone contacts to invite people to the platform – just add their phone number directly. While this is not as ideal as avoiding phone numbers altogether, it does resolve colic this Clubhouse both asked for unnecessary information and created profiles for people who never intended to join.

Company chief Paul Davidson added that you can ask the company to delete any contacts you have already uploaded and that a tool is being developed for you to delete them yourself. contacts.

The service is also expanding its basic functionality, including support for link sharing (both to profiles and clubs) and language filters to limit chats to those in your preferred language. Nominations to join a club can come from the group itself, rather than from individuals. And if you’ve faced abuse, now there are more tools to spot it and keep it off the platform.

As for this creative boost? Clubhouse is introducing a Creator First acceleration program that gives producers the resources to carry out their projects. Only 20 people will be eligible initially for the initiative, whose registrations end on March 31.

The additions could be crucial. Clubhouse has attracted a lot of buzz, helped in part by the presence of high profile users like Elon Musk. However, privacy concerns have increased and competition Twitter spaces or one rumored Facebook equivalent could stifle Clubhouse growth. A better reputation could keep Clubhouse growing and discouraging people from switching to competitors.

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