You really need these 11 essential Apple Watch apps

Each new model of Apple Watch comes with extra features and capabilities, and a thriving third-party app ecosystem makes your step tracker and heart rate monitor even more useful: apps that help you get things done, get from there. A to B, to get your questions answered, and generally get on with life without having to constantly reach for your phone in your pocket. These are our favorites.


Things via David Nield

If you want to increase your productivity, you have to try Things: the app is about as complete as it gets in terms of organizing your life and daily tasks, and it has complementary apps for your phone and desktop. The Apple Watch portion of the app lets you see what you need to do, check off items on your to-do lists, and more from your wrist. It’s going to cost you dearly, but it’s an app that justifies the expense.

Things ($ 9.99)

Small armies

Small armies via David Nield

Games don’t usually work on the Apple Watch’s small screen, but Tiny Armies is an exception. Its gameplay and simple graphics make it perfect for spending a few minutes of inactivity, in quick bursts, and the experience on the Apple Watch isn’t too different from playing it on an iPhone or iPad. The object of the game is to conquer your opponent’s armies with careful strategic thinking and well-placed finger swipes.

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