Canada’s Conservatives Reject Proposal to Add Climate Change to Policy | Climate change news

At a virtual political conference, 54% of party delegates vote against adding “climate change is real” to the policy book.

MPs from Canada’s main opposition party, the Conservative Party, rejected a proposed change to their policy book that would recognize “climate change is real”, hours after the leader’s plea that the Conservatives should accept the change.

At a virtual political conference, 54% of delegates voted Saturday against a proposal to update the policy book adding that “climate change is real” and that the party is “ready to act”, according to published results. online.

The resolution also sought to empower “highly polluting” Canadian companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support innovation in green technologies.

The vote came just a day after party leader Erin O’Toole told fellow Conservatives they had to “change” if they were to broaden the party’s base.

He also said MPs can no longer “ignore the reality of climate change” if they hope to oust Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s minority government in a possible snap election in the coming months.

“The debate is over, climate change is real,” O’Toole insisted in further remarks during a session on Saturday. “We will have a serious and comprehensive plan on climate change to reduce emissions.

“It’s important to me as a father of young children. As a member of Parliament, climate change and its struggle are important to the Conservative Party of Canada. Young voters expect that from us. “

Carbon tax

But the Conservative leader also reiterated his opposition to a carbon tax the Trudeau government imposed in 2019 in an attempt to cut pollution.

O’Toole, in a leadership position since August, has not given any details on what he said is a bold new plan to replace this tax, which is strongly opposed in conservative strongholds in the West.

Conservative leaders have indicated that they have no plans at this time to try to oust the Trudeau government – given the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic – but the pressure to call an early election has grown. recently increased.

The Conservatives currently control 120 of the 338 seats in the House of Commons, with the Liberals holding 154.

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