DoorDash Now Provides COVID-19 Test Kits

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, DoorDash has expanded its delivery options to include everyday essentials and articles from convenience stores. You can now add COVID-19 test kits to this list. Monday, DoorDash ad its partnership with two digital health companies to allow people to order COVID-19 tests directly from its app. Starting today, the company will supply Everlywell and Vault Health kits to customers in 12 markets across the United States where it has DashMart Locations.

These markets include Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, and Phoenix, with greater availability coming in the future. With today’s partnership, you can also order a test kit from Vault Health website in 20 locations, including Las Vegas and Houston, and get same-day delivery from DoorDash.

The Everlywell kit costs $ 109. You administer it yourself using a nasal swab. Meanwhile, Vault Health’s $ 119 kit includes a saliva test that you perform under the supervision of someone in the company who offers you advice on Zoom. Both tests are from PCR variety and have been approved for home use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Plus, you can expect your results to be back within 24-48 hours.

DoorDash isn’t the first company to offer to deliver a COVID-19 test to your home. A company called Labcorp is working with FedEx to deliver its COVID-19 test kit to most people within two days. For its part, DoorDash says an average delivery will take less than an hour. Add to that the fact that you can order one from the company’s website and you have an option that will be popular with people because of its convenience.

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