Amazon begins vaccinating employees in Missouri, Nevada and Kansas

When Amazon offered in January to help the Biden administration Thanks to the federal government’s continued response to the pandemic, it said it would inoculate its workforce of more than 800,000 people. The company is now start this process, with on-site vaccinations for frontline workers starting at some distribution centers in Missouri, Nevada and Kansas over the coming weeks.

Amazon says it will expand the program once new vaccines become available in other states. In the meantime, this will give a $ 80 bonus workers who are vaccinated alone. This bonus is in addition to other incentives the company distributed to employees during the pandemic. It should be noted that Amazon is not the only company working to help people get vaccinated in the United States. Walmart, for example, organizes community events in 43 states to immunize people from underserved communities.

The start of employee vaccinations is the latest development in what has been a long saga of Amazon’s response to the pandemic. One of the most recent developments is a New York State lawsuit alleging that the company had failed to properly disinfect two of its facilities and had failed to follow proper contact tracing procedures. Amazon said it has done its best to protect its employees – while now also being embroiled in a debate on Twitter over whether its policies are pushing workers to pee in bottles. In October, the company published data on the number of employees tested or presumed positive for COVID-19. Between March 1 and September 19, 2020, the company said that number was 19,816. Based on data it looked at from Johns Hopkins University, it estimated that the number of positive cases should have been greater than 30,000.

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