Biden holds first official press conference for his presidency: Live | Joe Biden News

The US president will answer journalists’ questions on a wide variety of issues, including immigration and guns.

  • US President Joe Biden will hold the first official press conference of his presidency at 1:15 p.m. EDT (5:15 p.m. GMT) at the White House.
  • He has spoken to reporters on several occasions since taking office on January 20, but has been criticized for failing to hold a full press conference.
  • Biden is expected to be questioned on pressing issues such as the surge in migrants on the US-Mexico border, gun control, relations with China and Russia and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan .

Welcome to Al Jazeera’s coverage of President Joe Biden’s first official press conference. This is William Roberts and Steve Chaggaris.

What will Biden be interviewed about?

Journalists – and the President – spend hours preparing for these official press conferences, and there are obvious questions that are sure to arise.

There are hot topics such as Coronavirus pandemic, the influx of migrants on the US-Mexico border and the recent mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado – as good as racial justice and gun control angles that arise from these shootings.

There are also the broader political topics he might be questioned about, including his upcoming announcement of an infrastructure plan, how he hopes to get it through Congress, and whether taxes will be raised to pay for him. There are pressing foreign policy questions on China, North Korea, Russia, Yemen and Afghanistan, to name a few.

And more than likely, there will be a few curves that the audience, and perhaps Biden as well, don’t see coming, potentially adding some spontaneity to the event.

Late departure from Biden

President Joe Biden’s first press conference on the 64th day of his presidency is behind recent standards. The president and his staff have come under pressure from media organizations in recent weeks to plan the event, which poses risks for Biden as he tends to stumble on his words and make political blunders.

Former President Donald Trump held his first solo press conference on February 16, 2017 – 26 days after taking office – but it turned out to be his only press conference in the first year of his presidency at the in the midst of a combative relationship with the media. Trump preferred to answer questions in informal short question-and-answer sessions with the group of reporters covering his travel events.

Biden and his White House team promised greater transparency and a better relationship, but maintained tight control over information.

Biden’s first official press conference as president

Joe Biden holds the first televised press conference of his presidency on Thursday. The event scheduled for 1:15 p.m. EDT (5:15 p.m. GMT) will be held in the East Room of the White House, which is traditionally the place where presidents hold formal press conferences.

President Dwight Eisenhower held the first presidential press conference to be broadcast on television in 1955. Media representatives who regularly cover the president and his travels will be called upon by name to ask questions, for which the president’s staff will be called upon by name. tried to prepare answers.

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