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The US president condemned as a UN violation the latest launch of two weapons by Pyongyang from its east coast in the Sea of ​​Japan.

North Korea on Saturday threatened further military build-up in response to Joe Biden’s condemnation of this week’s missile launches, a weapons test that marked Pyongyang’s first substantive provocation since the president took office American.

The nuclear-armed North has a long history of using weapons testing to raise tensions, in a carefully calibrated process in an attempt to advance its goals.

Pyongyang had been biding its time since the new administration took office in Washington, not even officially acknowledging its existence until last week.

But on Thursday, it launched two weapons from its east coast into the Sea of ​​Japan, known as the East Sea in Korea.

After the launch, Biden called the test a violation of UN resolutions and advised the isolated state not to step up military testing, warning that “there will be answers if they choose to step up. “.

Ri Pyong Chol, a senior North Korean missile program official who oversaw the test, said the president’s comments revealed his “deep hostility” to the regime.

“Such remarks by the President of the United States constitute an undisguised encroachment on our state’s right to self-defense and to provoke it,” Ri said in a statement released by state media KCNA.

Ri said Pyongyang was expressing “deep apprehension that the U.S. Managing Director would blame the regular test fire, [an] the exercise of our State’s right to self-defense, as a violation of UN “resolutions”. “

“If the United States continues its rash remarks without thinking about the consequences, it risks being faced with something that is not good,” he added, warning that North Korea was ready to “continue. to increase our fullest and most overwhelming military might ”.

The comments came at a time when Washington is in the final stages of a review of its policy on North Korea, with signals of a strong line on denuclearization, sanctions and human rights.

Leif-Eric Easley, professor at Ewha University in Seoul, said Ri’s remarks were “essentially a threat that North Korea will respond to the US policy review with more tests.”

“Pyongyang is implementing a premeditated strategy aimed at advancing military capabilities and increasing tensions,” he added.

‘Tactical guided projectile’

Pyongyang made rapid progress in its capabilities under the leadership of leader Kim Jong Un, testing missiles capable of reaching the entire Americas as tensions mounted in 2017.

North Korea reported that Thursday’s launch, its first substantive affront since Biden came to power, was a test of a new “tactical guided projectile” with a solid fuel engine.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has called the two weapons launched by ballistic missiles off North Korea’s east coast, which are banned from development under UN Security Council resolutions.

A UN sanctions committee focused on the nuclear-weapon North Korea has asked its experts to investigate the test, and European members of the Security Council have called for an urgent meeting to discuss the North Korea. North.

North Korea reported that Thursday’s launch, its first substantive affront since Biden came to power, was a test of a new “ tactical guided projectile ” with a solid fuel engine. [Jung Yeon-je/AFP]

The North is already subject to multiple rounds of international sanctions for its banned nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

A summit between Kim and then-US President Donald Trump in Hanoi in February 2019 failed over sanctions relief and what Pyongyang would be willing to give up in return.

Cheong Seong-chang, director of the Center for North Korean Studies at the Sejong Institute in Seoul, told AFP that the Biden administration may seek to impose “additional sanctions on Pyongyang” if the North continues its provocations military.

“From now on, we can expect more weapons testing from the North and very harsh responses from the United States,” he said.

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