LinkedIn now allows you to add pronouns to your profile

LinkedIn will allow all of its users to add pronouns to the top of their profiles. The update, which begins rolling out this week, is part of a of the company to “reinvent” one of the main characteristics of its service.

While some users have already chosen to add pronouns elsewhere on their LinkedIn page, the update adds a dedicated space at the top of each profile. In addition to being more inclusive to all of its users, LinkedIn notes in a blog post that recruiters and job seekers have said that knowing a candidate’s pronouns is an important part of the hiring process.

LinkedIn also adds “cover articles”, which are similar to the feature introduced last year. But instead of fading away after a day, the cover videos are meant to be more permanent and provide a “quick glimpse of who you are”. Another influencer friendly feature is “designer mode”, which allows users to show off their areas of expertise. LinkedIn says it will highlight posts from profiles with creator mode enabled and recommend other users to follow them.

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